By: Whitaker-Myers | 05-29-2015

Congratulations to our friends and partners at The Doctor’s Company. 

Their “A” rating with a stable outlook is well-deserved!  Read the full press release here.               

To our many physician clients protected by the nation’s #1 provider of medical malpractice insurance:  Here’s another reason you have to trust The Doctors Company.

Friends, we knew you’d want to see this.  Way to go, TDC!



By: Whitaker-Myers | 05-19-2015

“What is a driverless car?,” many people are asking. Technological advances in automation could help drive-down auto insurance rates and provide wheels to previously non-driving demographics.  Google isn’t the only company researching driverless vehicles. Every major automobile manufacturer has a driverless car research unit racing to become the category killer who figures out this technology (and the public safety implications) first.

Who will benefit?

Special Needs Community – Many adults in the special needs community will benefit tremendously from driverless car technology.  While these individuals may be able to buy their own groceries, getting to the store has been a challenge—particularly in rural communities like Wooster and Ashland, Ohio where public transportation simply doesn’t exist the way it does in major cities.

Older Drivers -- By the year 2025 more than one quarter of the drivers on U.S. roads will have their 65th birthday in the rear-view mirror.  That number is 15% higher than it was at the turn of the century.

What’s Next?

Before the driverless revolution begins, we will begin to see many new safety automations come standard in our vehicles. These will include Blind Spot Warning Systems, Assistive Parking Systems, Smart Headlights, and Drowsy Driver Alerts (to name a few).  Since auto insurance is based on the chance of loss, nearly any risk mitigation system will undoubtedly help drive down the cost of personal auto insurance for those drivers who are reading the signs.

For more, read the Thomas Frey’s article, “Going Driverless” at

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By: Whitaker-Myers | 05-05-2015

With so many people getting or giving rides through ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft, it raises an important question about insurance coverage.  Am I covered if I have a claim while operating as a ride-sharing driver?

Most personal auto policies have exclusions in the densely worded policy language (the thick stack of papers that comes with your insurance cards that you likely don't take time to study).

What this means for you?  If you get in an accident while driving for a ride-sharing service, you might not have coverage!  If you aren't sure, take advantage of a local independent insurance agent at Whitaker-Myers.  Whitaker-Myers has been providing advice, service, and car insurance in Wooster and Ashland for decades.

By: Whitaker-Myers | 02-25-2015

Homeowners insurance and auto insurance rates can be adversely effected by claims asociated with cold weather: namely frozen pipes, ice dams, and slick roads.  Taking the proper precautions can keep you claim free through the cold winter months! Read the Article at the link below and watch this video by Grange Insurance for more saftey tips!

By: Whitaker-Myers | 01-08-2015

Whitaker-Myers Group is now offering electronic Auto ID cards for our clients with smart phones and other devices.  In December, Governor Kasich signed into law SB 255 which allows drivers to show proof of coverage via cell phone or other electronic device, rather than producing the paper card on request.  This new law enables us to provide the extra service to our clients!

If you would like to have your Auto ID card in electronic format, call or email us today so we can get you enrolled in this new service for our auto insurance clients. 1-800-950-1869 or

Auto Insurance clients in Wooster, Ashland, and Mansfield areas should know Whitaker-Myers Group has been offering personal insurance products like home insurance, auto insurance, boat insurance, and farm insurance for 145 years in addition to commercial insurance products including health insurance, life insurance, and business insurance.  Our knowledgeable insurance agents stand ready to assist you with all of your needs.