Think about it. Everyday people are buying insurance from lizards, ducks and cavemen. They buy it direct from the carrier, with no agent most times.  Are these companies looking out for your interests?  You see ads every day about saving money on your home and auto insurance.  Of course we all want the least expensive coverage, but do you know what you are buying when you do so by phone or on the internet?  At Whitaker-Myers we look to provide you with the best VALUE possible.  Our focus is discovering your unique needs and making sure you are properly protected, then finding you the right insurance company with the best price for the coverage you need.  In short: the best value.

To get you the best value, we have the capability to take your policies to the market - to the multiple insurance companies that we represent.  These companies compete for the privilege of providing you insurance services.  We also take the time to get to know YOU and your personal home and auto risks, so that you can walk out of our offices feeling confident.  Your family is important to you and so are your biggest investments; your home and autos, boats, rental units and the like. The same should be true when picking an insurance professional to provide protection for these assets.  After all, who wouldn’t want the peace of mind that goes along with having a trusted agent that is responsible for protecting all of your most valuable assets?  

Please feel free to give us a call to find out what we can do for your family, so we can add you to our growing list of satisfied clients.