The Affordable Care Act, or ACA, has changed many things about health insurance.  Like the many we've helped, you might be overwhelmed with the thought of reviewing the insurance options for your family, but you don't have to be.  Use us as your personal guide.

Currently, individuals can obtain health insurance by going through the healthcare website or enrolling directly to the insurance companies.  There are benefits and trade-offs to either option, but the better of the two pathways is dependent on the individual situation, so look to us to help you navigate.  We can also save you frustration and the time it takes to dig through multiple plan options and premium information.  Because we are independent agents, we are contracted with multiple insurance carriers and can give you the options not just from one company but we will take a look at options for you in the insurance market. 

And know, even after your enrollment is complete, we are still here for you to offer assistance with additional questions and situations that may come up for you throughout the year.  We want to be your first call, because we want to be your advisor.

Supplemental Dental and Vision

For those interested in dental and vision coverage, we have partnered with Morgan White Group to be able to offer dental and vision plans in one convenient website.  To obtain your quotes and even enroll directly online, check out their website linked here.  Just plug in your zip code, date of birth, and the effective date you are requesting to see immediate pricing from dental companies such as Careington, Madison Dental, Nationwide, Renaissance Dental, and Standard Life and for vision, DavisVision and even VSP.  Contact us with any questions regarding your options!