We are very proud of our century and a half reputation for professionalism and trustworthiness in the business insurance industry.  This heritage is how Whitaker-Myers has been able to maintain its long-standing relationships with insurance carriers, and more importantly, with our clients.  Our continuous pursuit of excellence really goes back to the basics.  We treat everyone as if they were a part of our family, so each person that steps foot into any of our offices leaves with the knowledge and understanding that they were seeking.  Our approach doesn’t stop at the basics; we are growing quickly by the use of technology that allows us to give you a better value, and for us to expedite the process to keep you moving faster.  We have the capability to place insurance for nearly any risk.  Between our two dozen insurance company appointments and by using open market brokerage access to reach dozens more, we present a turn-key solution for all our clients’ needs.  Our clients expect us to handle it all – and we do.  The smart play is to allow us the opportunity to show your business the value of having a true insurance broker, risk manager and consultant…. in your back pocket.