We are unique among insurance agencies and brokerages.

What makes Whitaker-Myers DIFFERENT is that we aren’t in the business of simply selling insurance policies.  In fact, when people want to buy a policy, we usually aren’t looking to sell one.  We prefer clients, not customers – and there is a difference. When we become a trusted advisor, someone you look to for answers and from whom you expect results, then you’ve become a “client.”  We understand, and embrace that the procurement of insurance policies is only one part of risk management, a process which begins with identifying loss exposures and then reviewing strategies of risk retention, risk avoidance, and risk transfer.  We then implement a plan for overall risk management AND regularly monitoring that plan. Yes, there will no doubt be the purchase of certain insurance policies, but there will be more to it. This comprehensive approach gives our clients 3 very important things:

  • Answers.  We don’t just answer the questions you ask, we answer the questions you don’t even know to ask!  We know this business inside and out.  Our agency was established in 1869 and year after year, we have built on that tradition to create an excellent team of insurance and risk management professionals.
  • Results.  How was your last claims experience?  If you’ve never had an insurance claim...chances are, you eventually will have one.  Our competitive advantage is that we not only represent some of the very best Insurers in the country, but also have our own claims department right here at the agency where we make it our business to offer our clients prompt, thorough customer service.
  • Peace of Mind.  Life is full of uncertainty…but your (business or life) doesn’t have to be.  Because of our comprehensive approach to Risk Management, you can focus on what really matters.